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Business Video Production

Stories and Stills can produce the videos you need to help your business be successful.  We produce high quality videos for any business purpose.  Nothing motivates new customers like the engaging visuals of a well crafted video.  Allow us to help you mold your vision into a reality.

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What can Stories and Stills do for your company?

If you’re looking for superior quality at an affordable price, Stories and Stills should be your business’s go-to video production company.  We pride ourselves in our ability to provide videos that look like a million bucks but won’t bust your budget.  We love what we do, so we pass the savings on to you!

About Us Videos

Wanting to showcase your company or business in a quick and concise manner that potential clients can easily see?  An about us video is the way to go.  In today’s fast-paced world where everyone is vying for the consumer’s attention, a well-crafted about us video can help you put your best foot forward without skipping a beat.  Looking for your next big new hire to fill a position?  About us videos will show them, rather than tell them, who you are and why you’re the right choice.

Our about us videos are not one size fits all.  We want to know your exact vision for your video(s) in order to create something you will be proud to show the world.  But if you’re the type who just wants a business video production company to come in and make you look good, we can do that too!  We know just how to make your business shine.  About us videos are the perfect fit for your website and social media accounts.  Take a look at the about us video we created for Designer Builders in Aiken, SC. 


Nothing builds trust in your potential clients like professionally produced testimonial videos.  Positive, first-hand experience from someone who has utilized your company before helps customers choose you out of a sea of similar offerings.  Instead of telling them yourself, let happy past clients show them why you are the right company for the task.  With our multi-camera set up, pro audio, aerial drone footage, perfect music choice, and eye for details, your testimonials will look amazing, which makes your company look amazing!

Social Media Marketing Videos

At Stories and Stills, we are constantly looking at which forms of video make the greatest impact, as well as social media trends for business video production. Whatever your goals are for your videos, we can tailor the look and feel to capture the attention of your target audience.  Social media video production can be a blast, especially when your main goal is to halt users in their thumb-scrolling tracks!

Television Commercials and Advertisements

Looking to take your business to the masses?  TV commercials are a tried and true method.  Though most TV commercials are short and sweet, they don’t have to be boring and bland.  We’ll fill your commercial with eye-catching footage and a story that holds the viewer’s interest all the way through to the end.  Need the ability to put unique backgrounds in your commercial, or fly you across the globe without stepping foot in an airplane?  Our portable green screen will do the trick and we’ll even come to your space for filming to save you the trip.

Product or Service Explainer Videos and Tutorials

Wanting to showcase how your company’s products and services are better than the rest?  Maybe you want potential customers to know about a new product you just launched and a video would help sell what makes it unique.  Stories and Stills will help you craft a video that will show others why you and your products are the best.  This means more sales for you and less time racking your brain about how to tell others.

Using professional recording equipment to capture the audio, your message will be clearly presented to the audience.  With a background in music production and studio recording, your message will be in good hands with us.  Also, we provide the convenience of having portable equipment.  That enables us to come to your location to record, which frees you up to continue with your daily routine.

Drone Videography

We are FAA licensed drone pilots.  Providing amazing aerial drone videography is definitely one of the perks of our profession.  As we ensure your drone footage looks amazing with the controller in our hands, it feels like being a kid again.  And when the drone pilot is having a good time, you can guarantee the footage will be spectacular.  So, whether you need drone footage of your newest real estate listing, a renovated factory or production plant, or a large plot of land, we’ve got you covered.  We also never charge extra for drone videography.  Therefore, if you hire us to do a job for your business video production and aerial footage would enhance the final product, we’ll include the drone at no additional cost.

We can also add tracking tags and information to the drone video footage.  In other words, if you have specific items in the aerial footage that you want to showcase with text and graphics, we can make that happen.  For instance, if you want the measurements of a building or the dimensions of a real estate lot, we can have that information follow the area on screen as the video plays.  It sounds complicated, but it’s really an easy way to enhance your drone footage for clients to better understand what they’re viewing.

Virtual Tours

Although they aren’t videos, our customized virtual tours are just what you need to showcase every unique aspect of your space.  Your clients and potential customers will be able to explore your space from the comfort of their own home with the click of a mouse or the swipe of a cell phone.  We can even add your own logo and other personalized items and information to your virtual tours.  Show your clients why you are the right choice for their business.  Click here to view our Virtual Tours.